General Charles Mundee - another forgotten hero
General Charles Mundee - another forgotten hero
One of the most exciting experience I had in the making of The Jewish 48’ers: in the American Civil War was to learn from the 48’ers descendants. It’s been a huge challenge to find them, but fortunately some of them found me instead. Stories that have never been shared before were unveiled in our documentary. You may not find those details in any history books eithers.
General Charles Mundee is one of our heroes, a character that had a few disputes around his birth date, origin and family. Some of the archival records were controversial around him. Mundee was an exceptional figure of the civil war history, a genius who spoke 8 languages. By this article I would like to give the opportunity for David Jones to share the full image on his great-great-great grandfather. There will be some new and truly valuable content on General Mundee.

“I want to congratulate you on the release of the documentary, a subject most worthy of highlight and long overdue. I would also very much like to thank you for ensuring the inclusion of my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Charles Mundee, in your film as our family has always felt he has often been a historically overlooked character who’s contributions often have been overshadowed or ill-recorded.

Charles Mundee was born in Pest, Hungary in 1824 to Zacharias and Theresia Mautner, a wealthy Jewish family. His actual name being Karoly Mautner. He did fight in the Hungarian revolution during 1848 under the name Karoly Mandy as corroborated by transcribed stories of his son, George (some sources also use Ignaz Mandy, both were one in the same - Bona incorrectly associated him with Karoly Mandl, a different soldier altogether). He was in the Honvéd artillery. His unit was mostly captured or killed. He escaped captivity in late 1848 and emigrated to The US, supposedly with the help of his oldest brother Ignaz. With his accent at the time, the name Mandy was “Americanized” to Mundee. Shortly after arriving in the Kansas Territory, he enlisted with the US Army in 1849 and served in the war with Mexico in a unit under the command of Ulysses S Grant. Upon returning to Kansas he was given the job of Quartermaster’s Clerk as the local QM had served with him in the war and said he was one of the most efficient people he had ever met. Most of the biographical info included after that point in the documentary is pretty accurate to the current research. He was the city notary, a prominent business man having investments in several local businesses as well as real estate (much of which was lost in a city fire in 1860), and was a partner in the first brewery in Kansas (Fritzlen and Mundee). He was instrumental in founding several fraternal lodges in the area (Masons, OddFellows, etc) both on the local and state level.

His wife Alice Ryan, was born in Cork, Ireland (Aug. 3rd, 1831) and emigrated with her parents sometime in the 1840’s to Missouri. She was not born in Missouri. Her grandchildren wrote of her still having a noticeable Irish accent even into her old age. They had a total of seven children, six living into adulthood and one who died at a young age.

His war service was accurately stated.

He was appointed Registrar of Lands in Florida in 1865 and moved his family to Tallahassee. While there, he was involved with both the Masons (1870 was a Grand King of the Grand Lodge of Royal Arch Masons of Florida), The G.A.R (was commander of the Florida G.A.R.), and the Order of OddFellows. He also served as Secretary of the Florida Senate in 1869 and 1870.

The circumstances of his death were as stated.
He was buried in the Old City Cemetery in Tallahassee, Florida.( now on the grounds of Florida State University ) A headstone was finally erected in 2018.

Again, I just want to make sure that the correct info is out there as most of current sources of information available about him are out of date or are inaccurate. I greatly appreciate the work you have done in making this film a reality and bringing the stories of these men and their contributions to the forefront and for the inclusion of Charles Mundee in your work.

Best Regards,
David Jones”

I am happy for Mr. David Jones reaching out to us and I'm thankful for his contribution to our documentary project.

Peter K. Rosenbluth


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