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Doing research in the American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati
(left: Peter B. Zachmann, right: Peter K. Rosenbluth )

Peter Kovacs Rosenbluth is a director/producer/writer/colourist and genealogist who made The Jewish 48’ers: in the American Civil War from passion, for educational and memorial purpose. A movie that was made from less than $5000 made it into a number of international film festivals, was screened by the National Museum of American Jewish Military History too. Rosenbluth was also a speaker at the 39th IAJGS Conference on Jewish genealogy, also held programs for Jewish communities most recently for JCC Lawrence via Zoom. Rosenbluth is using his genealogy experience to make the most accurate historical documentaries. The best title for him would be a young, enthusiastic and emerging film-maker. His goal is to make a remarkable documentary on the WW1 Jewish soldiers of Germany, Austria-Hungary and on their tragic fate in the Holocaust. Rosenbluth believes and proves that quality films can make a change.

Peter B. Zachmann is a director/producer/editor/rotoscope artist/colourist/graphic designer/photographer/web and app developer who got interested in programming already at the age of 14. At age of 15 he already launched a successful online game. He is a key co-producer to Rosenbluth and as an editor and graphic designer too. Zachmann is an extremely talented freelancer who came up with the most creative solutions when it comes to footage restoration and colourisation. Zachmann worked together with Rosenbluth on their first documentary too which was The Jewish 48’ers: in the American Civil War.