Stabbed in the back

Upcoming release: December 2022 – Project Status: post-production


The beginning of 20 century looked very promising for Jewish people in Europe. Antisemitism was fading away across Europe, and Jews started enjoying the rights that other European people had. Many Jews enter the fields of medicine, law, science, and academic institutions. Everything seemed so idealistic until 1914 arrived and First World War. Events in the First World War and the loss of Germany made antisemitism return to Europe and lead to the biggest genocide ever – the Holocaust.

Join us while we are exploring the reasons why Nazis and Hitler choose to commit genocide against Jews and stabbed them in the back. Holocaust isn’t only genocide over Jews, but it is the ultimate betrayal of Jewish people.

The movie is currently in the post-production process. Watch the trailer above.

Official Selection Miami Jewish Film Festival 2023


  • Peter Banyavari – director, co-producer, editor, colorization
  • Peter K. Rosenbluth – producer, co-director, writer, colorization
  • Jordan Auslander – historian
  • Michael Geheran – historian
  • Sheldon Goldberg – historian
  • Michael Meyer – historian
  • Rabbi W. Jack Romberg – historian
  • Mike Rugel – historian
  • Rabbi Lance J. Sussman – historian
  • Dr. Gary P. Zola – historian


We would like to thank for donations to our donors and those who made this movie possible

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  • Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation – JASHP

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  • Greater Miami Jewish Federation
  • An anonymous sponsor from Boston
  • Robin and Bennett Greenspan Charitable Trust
  • Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation
  • Paul L. Newman Foundation
  • Erika and Tamás Gróf
  • Rosenbluth family
  • Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel
  • And a huge thanks to the rest of our anonymous sponsors

Material and research support

  • The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People
  • Jewish Museum Vienna
  • American Jewish Archives
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • German Federal Archives

PR Support


This program is sponsored in part by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

Greater Miami Jewish Federation


Our projects are fiscally sponsored by the International Documentary Association (IDA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

After the success of our first documentary movie about the Jews and 1848, we decided to make another movie. Our second movie will be the first documentary movie about Jewish history from the perspective of colorized videos.

In the movie, you will see some of the never published footage. In our second movie, we are exploring the reasons why Holocaust happened, and why Jews were betrayed by their own country. We would like to thank you for all the donations you gave to us and made this project possible.

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Showreel with Project Director’s thoughts

Holocaust Colorized Showreel