The Jewish 48’ers

in the American Civil War

Released: February 7, 2020 – watch for free on YouTube – ’50


What do Jews from Europe, slaves, the Habsburg dynasty, Hungarian Revolution and the 1848 American Civil War have in common? How come Jews from Europe came to the USA and 70% of them fought on the Union side? What was the role of Jews from Europe in the Civil war? Answers to this question and many more you will find in The Jewish 48’ers movie. Join us on a trip to the past and discover forgotten stories of Jews who migrate from Europe to the USA.

On this journey, you will find out all about Joseph Pulitzer before he becomes one of the most famous journalists. You will meet with Colonel Frederick G. Utassy and learn how he was commanding the multinational army while he was fluently speaking seven different languages. General Knefler is one of the founding fathers of the first Jewish Federation of Indianapolis, and here you will find all about his journey from his migration from Hungary to the USA, fight in the Civil war and becoming one of the founding fathers.


  • Peter Banyavari – producer, co-director, editor, colorization
  • Peter K. Rosenbluth – director, co-producer, writer, colorization
  • Dr. Gary P. Zola – historian
  • Dr. Akos Molnar – historian
  • Jordan Auslander – narrator


  • Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival – official selection
  • Red Rose Film Festival – official selection
  • The Galveston Island Film Festival – official selection
  • Out of the Can International Film Festival – finalist
  • Royal Starr Film Festival, Michigan – official selection
  • Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles – finalist
  • New York Movie Awards – finalist
  • Canadian Cinematography Awards – finalist
  • IndieX Film Fest – semi-finalist
  • New Filmmakers, New York 2020 – official selection
  • The Lift Off Sessions, Pinewood Studios in London
  • The First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, Pinewood Studios in London


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  • Robin and Bennett Greenspan Charitable Trust
  • A Boston based American Jewish foundation wishing to stay anonymous
  • Rosenbluth and Zachmann family
  • Friends and crowdfunding

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  • American Jewish Archives
  • Private collections of Jewish heritage

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  • Museum of Jewish Heritage

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  • Kevin Hershberger
  • Jordan Auslander

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Watch the first documentary on the Jews and 1848, and the first colorized film on the Jews and the American Civil War. We made it with lots of love.

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Quote from Maj. General Oliver O. Howard